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About us

The Sylvan Snack Bar is a non-profit cooperative student-run food business located in McNamara Dorm in the Sylvan Residential Area. We provide evening and late night dining options to students including subs, calzones, and (awesome) quesadillas.

After opening its doors i 1971 as a traditional business, the SSB switched over to the cooperative business model. As a cooperative, the SSB does not have a boss and instead, all employees are equal and act as co-managers.  The managerial tasks of the SSB were divided into different committees which serve to allot each member equal control in business affairs.  

We accept Dining Dollars, UDebit, YCMP, cash, credit, and debit!  Stop by for some delicious late night food Sunday-Thursday 6-11:45 PM.  We also offer delivery to Cashin, Brown, and the North Apartments 7-10:45 PM!


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